The Clearbox Solution

Vendor management made easy—the most comprehensive credentials database of appraisers, trainees, real estate agents and property data collectors.

It is mission critical to "know your vendors"- avoid repurchases, remain compliant, and increase operational efficiency by connecting with the right vendor, with the proper credentials, for each assignment.

Clearbox On Demand

Your All-In-One Solution for Vendor Data. Streamline order fulfillment, recruiting, and valuation services with our platform. Access comprehensive vendor profiles, including appraisers, for informed decisions. Choose from subscription plans or “data on demand” for hassle-free access.

Better data, better decisions.


Register, Connect with clients and prosper.

Appraisal Firm

Create your Company Profile, manage your staff, earn new business and prosper.

Real Estate Agent/Broker

Register and be eligible to perform various field service orders to supplement your sales income.

Real Estate Brokerage

Create your Company Profile, manage your agents, connect with clients and prosper.

Property Data Collectors

Register, Connect with clients and prosper.


Today's regulatory landscape is complicated. Compliance is the ultimate leverage you need to earn new business and make your existing clients confident in your services.


Simplify panel management. Ensure compliance. Avoid risks.


Clearbox offers regulators with the back office tools to manage complaints, collect statewide fee survey data, communicate with peer regulators and safely manage reciprocity.

Quick Solutions


Instantaneous background checks! Order a one-and-done, that you can share with multiple clients.

ClearOne Report™

A ClearOne™ report is an appraiser comprehensive credentials check used for due diligence.


Join the X-Files™ Monthly Report, a compilation of the last 90 days of disciplinary actions

Select Me™

Our vendor locator tool features a radius search that allows you to find the right vendor, in the right spot, for each assignment.

Be Compliant.Leverage Best Practices forFee Panel Management.

Download "Best Practices for Fee Panel Management" written by Collateral Risk Network, Inc.