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The purpose of the AMC Roster is to be both appraiser-facing and lender-facing. Appraisers will have the ability to reach out to you to request to be added to your panel. Lenders will be able to contact you to invite you to participate in a Request for Information (RFI). Your profile is free of charge.

  1. Complete the form below to begin the process of creating your profile.
  2. After you complete the form Clearbox will notify you for verification
  3. Allow us 48 hours for us to approve your submission

We will request that you submit any two of the following items of information for verification::

  • Registration with a Secretary of State for a business license
  • Your Tax ID
  • A copy of your bond associated with any State AMC registration
  • Binder for general liability insurance

We will also verify:

  • That you are registered with the state(s) in which you are licensed as an AMC.
  • The account administrator providing the information, their phone number and email address.
  • Your company web domain.
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