Regulator Solutions

Clearbox offers regulators with the back office tools to manage complaints, collect statewide fee survey data, communicate with peer regulators and safely manage reciprocity.

Regulators often have more to do with less and that is especially true today.



  • A central database of all appraisers’ credentials
  • Merged appraiser’s profiles (multi-state licenses)
  • A unique identifier to assist you with reciprocity.
  • Audit you licensees’ continuing education
  • Background checks that can be shared across stakeholders


  • A search of state, federal and public records databases to help you monitor your licensees.
  • Most states have contributed the underlying consent orders for state disciplinary actions.


  • We have simplified the process and standardized the most commonly found USPAP violations.
  • Back office tools and digital file storage for your complaints.
  • Receive complaints in an electronic format.

Area 56™

  • Database of state AMC laws

Fee Survey™

  • Access to our real time Fee Survey data
  • Compare product by product, county by county
  • Array of number of appraisers in each country and general population of each country
  • VA fee schedules, and mean, median and mode
  • The most comprehensive fee survey available today

AMC Roster

  • Standardized registration process
  • Access to pertinent data to support audit process

About Us

Clearbox®,LLC was founded to address the complex landscape of compliant processes and data management. Better information and transparent processes promote integrity. The Clearbox® suite of products offers solutions to all stakeholders- Appraisers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies and Regulators.

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