Broker Price Opinion Providers

We know you are constantly seeking qualified individuals to complete your field inspections and BPO reports. Our vast database helps you recruit qualified individuals.



  • We give you the information and the tools for you to engage the best vendor for each assignment.
  • Identify vendors with our geographical radius search, years of experience, work product samples, background screening and so on.
  • Recruit new vendors with just a click of a button.
  • Background checks are ordered by the vendor, relieving you of potential Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violation risks.


Integrate your transaction platform with our XML data feed so you have access to the most comprehensive data available, including credentials. See our Data page for details.

About Us

Clearbox®,LLC was founded to address the complex landscape of compliant processes and data management. Better information and transparent processes promote integrity. The Clearbox® suite of products offers solutions to all stakeholders- Appraisers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies and Regulators.

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