Background Checks

Clearbox offers a wide array of background screening solutions for the real estate industry and access to the most extensive data in order to make informed decisions about your fee panel.

Clearbox provides a comprehensive national criminal background check which includes up-to-date information on an applicant’s past addresses and movement patterns based on an applicant’s Social Security number (SSN) and verification and information returned on the applicant’s SSN, full name, aliases, age, date of birth, dates at listed addresses and phone information.

The background check consists of the following:

  • Social Security Trace Report
  • Arrest Records
  • Federal District Criminal Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Terrorist Watch list
  • OFAC Search

All background check information is provided to Clearbox by a third party vendor. Clearbox is not responsible for any erroneous information that is either included in and/or excluded from a background check report.

Each appraiser is solely responsible for ordering and checking their own background check report for incorrect information. Only after completely reviewing all information contained in their own background check should each person decide whether to make the background check viewable to any of Clearbox's AMC and Lender subscribers. This process protects the appraiser as well as the subscriber.

If an appraiser finds that their background check is inaccurate, they notify us through the “Dispute” link in the Background Check section and the disputed information will be investigated. Any information that is shown to be incorrect will be removed immediately.

Every background check is renewed annually when the Appraiser renews their registration. If an appraiser does not renew, their profile will become inactive.

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