Clearbox is connecting Appraisers with PhoenixMobile integration

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clearbox users: you may now use your existing account with Clearbox to instantly signup and login to PhoenixMobile on your iPad or iPhone - eliminating the frustration of remembering multiple passwords, checking your inbox for an email confirmation, and entering the screenful of information required to create a new PhoenixMobile account.

From Joan Trice at Clearbox:

We are excited to be associated and assist with this quality product from PhoenixMobile. As we grow we are looking for opportunities to improve our system by integrating with other companies to make Clearbox better for all our registered appraisers. We are excited about the future possibilities these types of partnerships create for us and our clients.

From Steven Wright at PhoenixMobile:

“We allocate a lot of time worrying about efficiency - specifically: how we can leverage technology to help Appraisers get to their inspections, get the information they need, and get back to work on the things that matter?

We scrutinize every part of our app - from the signup screen to the sketcher, and everything in between - looking for ways to make things easier and deliver on the promise of mobile technologies.

I’ve never liked our signup process. Collecting data for an appraisal was easier than creating an account! By partnering with Clearbox we were able to not only improve the signup process - but to eliminate it altogether. Existing Clearbox users can now simply tap the Clearbox logo, enter their Clearbox username and password, and they are in - with one username, one password, and zero hassle.”

About Clearbox:

Clearbox is the home of the valuation industry's largest assortment of compliance and productivity tools. We've developed a comprehensive database of every licensed and certified appraiser in the US.

We collect every bit of information conceivable and manage credentials crucial to proper vendor management. It shouldn't be a secret, but when Lenders and AMCs engage the right person for the job, quality and service are a given.

Too much emphasis has been placed upon quality control, after the fact. We are determined to change that paradigm.

Clearbox is a transparent platform to collect data and manage the vendor management process with integrity.

Access to better information translates to better risk management of the "people part" of the appraisal process. The business case is clear — be compliant, cost efficient, and make better decisions.

Please visit www.clearbox.com for more information.

About PhoenixMobile:

PhoenixMobile is the leading data gathering app for appraisers - and has already been chosen by 5 of the top 6 appraisal software vendors as their mobile tool of choice - including: ACI, SFREP, Bradford Technologies, WCA, and NCV Software.

Please visit www.phoenixsuite.com for more information.

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