Clearbox LLC has announced the launch of AMC Roster™

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ocean City, MD, January 12, 2018 — Clearbox LLC has announced the launch of AMC Roster™, which is a database of Appraisal Management Company profiles. AMC Roster has standardized the information that lenders and regulators need to gather in order to perform due diligence and oversight.

Clearbox® is an answer to compliance challenges created by Dodd Frank and the additional challenges of state by state overlays. Joan Trice, founder and CEO of Clearbox states “by creating a standard every stakeholder wins. AMCs must manage 56 jurisdictions’ unique requirements while also complying with federal law. Appraisers can now have access to basic information they need for their own business decisions when accepting work from multiple AMCs. And lenders and regulators benefit by a central repository of data necessary for them to perform routine audits”.

Trice notes “that while the vast majority of appraisal business flows through these third parties, we know very little about the AMC population. We intend to assist all stakeholders in gathering the right information needed to better manage risk. Within a few months we anticipate that Clearbox will have more information than any other source.”

Joan N. Trice, CEO, has been an industry leader owning other companies in the collateral valuation space. Ms. Trice was the founder of Trice Appraisal, Inc in the mid 1980s and more recently the CEO of Allterra Group LLC. Allterra is the publisher of Appraisal Buzz, the largest email newsletter to the appraisal community. Valuation Expo, the industry's premier conference has been held every November since 2003. Joan is also the founder of the Collateral Risk Network, a group of 500 chief appraisers.

For more information please contact Joan Trice at jtrice@clearbox.com or 513.659.1656.

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