TSI Appraisal Engages Clearbox to Further Validate Appraiser Fee Panel

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kristine Hughes and Jordan Petkovski of TSI Appraisal® announce today an agreement with Clearbox® to help them in supplemental vetting of their fee panel. "We are ecstatic to be working with the Clearbox team to assist us in the performance of due diligence on our fee panel. In today's environment we need all the validation tools available when making a boarding decision. That means we need to collect a lot of information--credentials, background checks, disciplinary actions, etc."

"Fee panel selection has become an unwieldy task", Trice notes.  And with new Interagency Guidelines there is much more clarity around fee panel management requirements. Dodd Frank also requires mandatory reporting of USPAP violations. The XFILES™ product aggregates all of the disciplinary actions from State Appraisal Agencies.

Joan Trice, Founder and CEO of Clearbox®, states "we are honored to have TSI Appraisal give us the vote of confidence in managing such an important task. As an industry I think we need to refocus on the front end of the process, not the back end. It should begin with selecting the right appraiser. We've been far too busy trying to create rules around the appraisal report rather than prequalifying the appraiser ".

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TSI Appraisal®: (www.tsiappraisal.com), a division of Title Source® (www.titlesource.com), is a leading Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that provides a variety of valuation products and services nationwide. TSI Appraisal facilitates over 300,000 appraisals annually, making it one of the country’s largest AMCs.

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